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Not all control units can be combined with all devices.


Console unit for power control of air curtains according to ambient conditions

TOUCH guarantees an optimally power control of TTL air curtains which complies the ambient conditions. The air curtain operation will be optimized to every daytime and aligned energetically and operates autarkic to supervising building management systems. Therefore it is multivalent applicable and usable for smaller equipment configurations also.

The big touchscreen and the clear text display of all parameters makes handling easy and clearly.


Control units for the power control of air curtains according to ambient conditions

Control units with all the advantages of real regulation. By measuring the surrounding conditions, the air output and exhaust temperature can be adjusted independently and autonomously to superordinate control technology systems. Thus it is multivalent and can also be used for smaller system configurations.

TWICS plus (picture) is the version for the TTL double air curtain TWINOR and regulates separately on two levels.


Universal controller with automatic programs for electrically heated air curtains

The universal controller for all electric heated air curtains. Air volume flow and heating level can adjusted separately. Several automatic programs enables a functional adaption to manifold operational conditions.

Integrated multistage protective switches guarantees a high safety.


Control unit for customer-oriented control or regulating tasks

Special requests in terms of control and regulation? Not a problem! Free programming is possible with SPACS. All requirements for special control algorithmus, but also for special requirements for the use of special media, e.g. steam, can be taken into account here.

A large number of external signals can be connected at a special connection board in the air curtain, which SPACS then processes.


5-step switch with integrated automatic switch and full motor protection

5-step switch with manual-automatic changeover.
The automatic control allows the air curtain to be switched via a door contact. With integrated full motor protection and frost protection function (when a frost protection thermostat is installed in the air curtain unit).

DFM can be used for 400-volt THI series devices and for DI devices.



We offer a wide range of accessories for our air curtain systems. Below you will find an overview of the available standard range of accessories.
Our sales staff will be pleased to inform you about our complete range of accessories.


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