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Energy concept for noticeable comfort

You enter a shop unimpeded by a door, a stream of air brushes your body and you dive into the world of shopping. We all know that flow of air that surrounds you, maintains a pleasant room climate even when the door is open and creates a comfortable and leisurely setting for your shopping stroll. The intelligent technology of air curtain systems makes it possible to keep doors open continuously without facing any impairments to the room climate. 

Fascination and enthusiasm for the function, performance and design of these air curtains have made us one of the top manufacturers in Europe for more than 40 years. Developed by specialists in a highly productive design and development department, made feasible for everyday use in an air-conditioning measuring and testing laboratory and manufactured with modern CNC systems, we offer our customers high-quality products for their special requirements for an air curtain.

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Our door is always open

Responsibility for tomorrow

Air curtains are systems with more than an insignificant demand for energy. Through innovative work during the development and the targeted use of our equipment on site, we contribute directly to a sensible use of energy in retail and industry. This insight is our guideline for the further development of our portfolios as well as for future requirements.

Fairness and integrity

TTL wants to approach its customers with openness. This is a precondition for a successful planning process as well as needs-oriented customer consultation. We feel responsible for ensuring that our air curtain systems on the building really provide the expected screening performance. This is not always easy in the run-up to construction. But through honest cooperation with our customers it is a solvable task.

The company as a spiritual home

Our company has a workforce of many years. They provide us with a wealth of experience and allows our employees to think and act comprehensively within the company. For a flexible company, this is an invaluable factor for administration, development and design as well as for production and services.


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